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The financial hub for gaming and apps.

Sanlo is where gaming and app companies manage their finances and get smart capital to grow.

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Everything you need to know about your app or game business in one place

We believe that finance should not be mysterious and companies with great products should have access to advice and money that they need to scale.


“Founders often can’t present the state of the business accurately. A solution to demystify finance and help with financing would be very helpful."

Andy Watson

COO, Hutch

“The right way to build a game company is to build a niche game for a niche audience. You need to master different aspects of the F2P economy and figure out a way to reach the right audience. You need to be a consolidator of knowledge and also finance it."

Kristian Segerstrale

CEO, Super Evil Megacorp

“Cash flow is a top problem. You may first focus on the product, but you still need to manage finances & productivity. Somehow it is still a luxury to plan ahead.”

Sertac Picakci

VP Product, Masomo

In the Press

“This concept alone could have worked as a services business for mobile studios, but Sanlo takes the next step beyond advice to actually provide companies with access to capital.”

— Sarah Perez, TechCrunch
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